Truck Smarter with the myDrive Mobile Application

Truck Smarter with the myDrive Mobile Application

The ‘myDrive’ mobile app leads trucker owner operators to entrepreneurial success

The revolutionary myDrive mobile application is an integral part of what makes Drive Logistics’ trucker centric mission, possible. The proprietary app puts owner operators in control of the freight they move and offers premium guidance to help truckers consistently book freight at higher than market rates.

drive-logistics-mydrive-app-prototypeAt Drive Logistics we are invested in empowering America’s truckers and providing them the tools to reach their entrepreneurial goals. ‘Drive’ offers comprehensive business solutions for truckers who want to become owner operators, but need support with the day-to-day of starting and running a successful trucking business.

Equipped with the expertise of the Drive Logistics team and myDrive’s advanced algorithm, the company’s founder Michael O’Leary believes owner operators can double their annual taxable income.

The myDrive mobile app is truly revolutionary and disruptive to the traditional trucking model.

With the myDrive app on their smartphones, truckers can communicate with their dedicated capacity consultant for any questions they have surrounding a load. With the push of a button, truckers will connect to their expertly trained capacity consultant for assistance.

Our consultants are experienced in advising the company’s truckers and with a limited number of truckers assigned to each consultant, the Drive team can build relationships with truckers to provide a one-of-a-kind personal touch. Do prefer texting? Email? Or doing business over the phone? Drive Logistics has the perfect capacity consultant for you!

The myDrive app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store on Day One for trucking partners of the Drive Logistics family. To learn more about the myDrive mobile app, watch this video.

For more information on becoming an owner operator, you can contact Drive Logistics here.