It's Tool Time!

It's Tool Time!

The 'Drive Academy' video series teaches exceptional truckers the tools they need to thrive. 

As a part of our company's Drive Academy video series, our experienced team will highlight various topics to elevate our owner operator clientele. In this edition, our Safety Department outlines the necessary tools to keep our truckers safe on the road.

At Drive Logistics our team doesn't expect our owner operator clientele to become expert mechanics, but a well-stocked toolbox can prevent unnecessary calls for repairs or roadside assistance. 

In the video below, former Client Success Manager Ace Naranong details the Drive Logistics approved tools every one of our trucker's carries to tackle the most common issues that arise on America’s roads.


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More Tools You May Find Handy:

Crescent wrenches: These durable wrenches are great for getting into tough spaces and are strong enough to latch on to odd sized parts on your truck. The four you will use the most are 7/16, .5, 9/16 and 5/8.

Dog or dog bone wrench: This tool has a moving head with many wrench sizes to grab on to nuts and bolts. Most of these wrenches are magnetized and are great for grabbing metal objects in spaces your hand won’t fit. Sometimes this can replace your crescent wrenches, but we recommend having both in your truck.

Foot long metal dowel: This should weigh about three to four pounds and is perfect for breaking ice on frozen brakes and other odd jobs around the truck. If you are planning to drive in the winter months, this is a must-have.

Gloves (2 sets): You need at least two pair. One should be leather (deer leather is a good choice) and use these for oil checking and fueling. Oil won’t go through these type of gloves and they are easy to use. The second set of gloves should be made of heavy-duty canvas, they are long lasting and provide great protection from objects that can poke you.

Ratcheting screwdriver set: The 20-piece set will contain everything you need for most tasks around your truck.

Small toolbox: This small container and its multiple compartments won’t take up much room in a trucker's cab and you can separate your nuts, bolts, washers, fuses and bulbs in one tidy spot. Ex: fishing tackle box

Three-pound sledgehammer: Use this tool during your pre-trip check to determine if you need to use your air pressure gauge to check tire pressure.

Vice Grips: You should have two in your truck, one large and one small.

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