The Drive Difference: Lindsay Brunson

The Drive Difference: Lindsay Brunson

Fleet consultants transform the industry's treatment of America's truckers

Drive Logistics put its own spin on the traditional role of trucking dispatcher with the fleet consultant position. With a limited number of truckers assigned to each of the company's fleet consultants, Drive Logistics can build close, personal relationships with each trucker operating under the company’s authority.

The companies fleet consultants assist our truckers with searching for loads, maximizing their income, market management and much more - providing a one-of-a-kind experience.

Lindsay Brunson is a fleet consultant with Drive Logistics and joined the company this year. Each fleet consultant gets to know not only their assigned truckers, but the truckers' closest loved ones and support systems to tailor their advice and approach to helping in any way they can.

“I’m most proud of the relationships I have built with truckers in my fleet,” Lindsay said. “I love helping people and I’ve always worked in a hospitality or customer service role.”

Lindsay’s day-to-day includes working with brokers and assisting with any issues a trucker may have on the road, ranging from mechanical issues to staying compliant with the nation’s trucking laws.

“Money is my strong suit when it comes to helping out my truckers,” Lindsay said. “In one instance, I was able to negotiate a trucker double what he was going to book a load for and put over $1,000 in his pocket - which made his day.”

Lindsay said the most exciting part about her job, is that no day is the same.

“Consulting is a challenge everyday because whether it be a trucker or a broker, human beings have different personalities and being able to keep your calm and know everything is going to work out the way it should, is the most difficult challenge within a consultants role,” Lindsay said.

How do you see the trucking industry evolving?

There are reports of trucking evolving into more artificial intelligence and I think eventually it will happen, but I don’t see autonomous vehicles taking over the industry 100 percent. I believe companies will always need truckers behind the wheel. With Drive Logistics and what we’ve created with our team and the myDrive software, hopefully our company can help make the market better for truckers and increase their annual revenue.

What is the guiding principle that keeps you focused and motivated on your career?

Staying positive for myself and those around me has always been my top priority. No matter what is bothering someone or yourself, things can get better. I try to keep that in mind on a daily basis. 

At Drive Logistics we are invested in empowering America’s truckers and providing them the tools to reach their entrepreneurial goals. ‘Drive’ offers comprehensive business solutions for truckers who want to become owner operators, but need support with the day-to-day of starting and running a successful trucking business.

If you would like more information about how to become an owner operator, please contact Drive Logistics.