The Drive Difference: Danny Myers

The Drive Difference: Danny Myers

Retired Florida Highway Patrol trooper leads Drive's push for safer roads

The Drive Difference is the company's mission to elevate exceptional truckers to become better businesspeople and entrepreneurs. The Drive Logistics team and its over 100 years of trucking industry experience are ready to help you become a successful owner operator.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance Manager Danny Myers joined Drive Logistics in September 2021 and leads Drive Logistics' mission to make America's roads safer. 

With over 20 years experience as a member of the Florida Highway Patrol, Danny served on the Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement unit. 

"When I was a road trooper, I worked hard to remove the "us" versus "them" mentality when it came to the relationship between truckers and law enforcement," Danny said. "When you work fatal crashes as a trooper, many times the contributing factors are driver fatigue and vehicle maintenance. It's the little things that over a period of time grow and truckers and drivers can be hurt."

Danny's role at Drive Logistics includes making sure the company, carriers and truckers are in consistence compliance with federal regulations. His day-to-day includes monitoring potential hours of service violations, qualifying new hires to operate a commercial motor vehicle, and assisting the company's owner operators with understanding vehicle maintenance standards. 

"There are seven ways to determine a motor carrier's safety and performance that a company and a trucker must comply with and contributes to their Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) score," Danny said. "The CSA score tells us how safe a company operates and at Drive Logistics that score is important to us."

As the top safety professional at Drive Logistics, Danny faces many challenges each day conveying the importance of federal regulations that keep everyone safe on the road. Danny cites his 22 year career as a Florida Highway Trooper when communicating real world examples about the importance of safety to the company's owner operators. 

"I tell our client federal regulations are here to help you save your life," Danny said. "The regulations and mandates may seem overwhelming, but they are not here to hurt the trucking industry, but to keep everyone safe."

How do you see the trucking industry evolving?

There is an increased emphasis on trucker safety, nationwide. In the news, you see autonomous vehicles are coming and we have to look and see why that is. Data shows driver input/error are an overwhelming reason for most truck crashes. I tell our owner operators that in order to right the ship and show you're the best person for the job, operating your truck in a safe manner at all times is the best way to shift the statistics in your favor.  

What is your greatest personal achievement, professionally?

 Saving lives. I’ve worked cases where truckers had unknown underlying health issues that contributed to a crash. It took a crash for them to take the time to see a medical professional, get a diagnosis, and these circumstances are what we are working to prevent at Drive Logistics.

What is the guiding principle that keeps you focused and motivated on your career?

God and family. 

At Drive Logistics we are invested in empowering America’s truckers and providing them the tools to reach their entrepreneurial goals. ‘Drive’ offers comprehensive business solutions for truckers who want to become owner operators, but need support with the day-to-day of starting and running a successful trucking business.

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