Drive Logistics: Our Company Culture

Drive Logistics: Our Company Culture

Get to know what fuels the ‘Drive’ family

At Drive Logistics we are invested in empowering America’s truckers and providing them the tools to reach their entrepreneurial goals. ‘Drive’ offers comprehensive business solutions for truckers who want to become owner operators, but need support with the day-to-day of starting and running a successful trucking business.

When Drive was formed in 2016, the company’s first employees focused on a unified company culture with a defined mission and vision.

At Drive Logistics our Mission is: To empower and inspire every trucker to succeed and make their dreams a reality.

Our Vision: To be the best brand to offer the ultimate pathway to meaningful success for every trucker. An exceptional place that consistently aims to change their lives one day at a time.

To achieve the company Mission and Vision, Drive’s employees emphasize four core values: Integrity, Entrepreneurial spirit, Innovation and Respect. Our passionate and supportive employees exemplify our core values in all they do.

Although all four core values fuel the Drive Logistics team, innovation is the backbone of what we do here at Drive. Whether it be Drive’s industry-disrupting business model, the revolutionary myDrive mobile app or its trucker centric culture – Drive is truly breaking new ground.

Through honesty, accountability and responsibility the Drive Logistics family can help any trucker become a successful owner operator.

For more information on becoming an owner operator, you can contact Drive Logistics here