Drive Digital Launches Groundbreaking Operations Software

Drive Digital Launches Groundbreaking Operations Software

The myDrive Transportation Management Software changes the game for trucker operations.

The myDrive Transportation Management Software (TMS) is a first of its kind platform designed to streamline logistics management operations.

Developed, tested and deployed by the Drive Digital team, the myDrive TMS software and its intuitive user interface enhance fleet management and planning, automation of shipping/trucking documents, real-time tracking of truckers, rate checks, safety and compliance alerts, load management, accounting services and much more. 

"Drive Digital was created because we recognized a significant portion of the company’s attention was focused outside of the trucking operation itself,” Drive Digital founder Michael O’Leary said. “With the development of our mobile apps and innovative myDrive software, it became clear we needed Drive Digital to become its own entity and develop a business model to serve its clients in a constructive way.”

Utilized exclusively by Drive Logistics, the myDrive TMS is a unique transportation management system that puts the trucker at the heart and soul of the operation.

“The myDrive TMS software has turned in to the most trucker centric software package I have ever seen,” O’Leary said. “Picking up and delivering freight is what Drive Logistics is all about, but when you log in to the myDrive TMS, you don’t see loads, you see people - because people are on the road – and the focus should be on them.”

The myDrive TMS software license is owned by Drive Digital LLC dba RealTruckers. 

About Drive Digital

Founded in 2021, Drive Digital LLC dba RealTruckers is a full-service marketing communications, video production and technology agency dedicated to elevating America’s truckers and the trucking industry. With the creation of the myDrive Transportation Management (TMS) and myDrive and RealTrucker mobile applications, Drive Digital was formed to respond to the increased need for a dedicated team to serve the many clients utilizing these digital resources. Drive Digital also offers software/business development services, marketing and branding guidance, multimedia production and merchandising support. Drive Digital’s mission is to challenge the status quo of the trucking industry by bringing innovation and inspiration to every trucker through education and strategic business partnerships.

About Drive Logistics

Founded in 2016, Jacksonville-based Drive Logistics is a veteran-owned trucking company that provides business support services to trucker owner operators with the passion to run their own trucking business. Drive Logistics is recognized as the premier company for truckers to secure comprehensive business solutions, innovative tools and benefits committed to help its clients make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Drive Logistics offers billing, collections, broker negotiation, IT services, back-office support and many other business services to trucking company owners. Drive Logistics operates in the contiguous 48 states and its executive team has over 100 years of combined experience in the trucking industry. For more information, please visit

For more information about  becoming an owner operator, you can contact Drive Logistics here.