Bureau of Prisons Expands CDL Training for Women

Bureau of Prisons Expands CDL Training for Women

Currently, there are 32 institutions offering the instructional portion of the commercial driver's license program for its inmates

The Connecticut Department of Corrections is joining six other states in offering a CDL training program for its inmates.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBP) is helping inmates train for and transition into careers in trucking upon their release. The organization is expanding its commercial driver license programs to focus on female inmates and Connecticut will join six other state prison systems in offering CDL training programs.

The plan is to launch the program at one or two male facilities, and later expand it to all 13 Connecticut facilities. 

The program will be free for inmates who are re-entering society in six months and have no CDL disqualifications. Upon release, the must complete remaining CDL requirements, including the driving portion.

From October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021, 40 inmates completed training resulting in a state CDL, and more have completed the instruction-only CDL portion of the program.

The six states offering CDL programs are in federal prisons in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas.

For more information, please visit the Federal Bureau of Prisons site here.

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