'Drive' Partners with NJ-based Safety Experts

'Drive' Partners with NJ-based Safety Experts

Atlantic Investigations provides DOT compliance training for its clients

Drive Logistics is committed to doing our part in keeping everyone safe on America's roads.

As a part of our company’s mission to provide our truckers with the information and tools to be the safest owner operators on the road, Drive Logistics has partnered with Atlantic Investigations LLC.

Established in 2010, Atlantic Investigations provides DOT compliance training and fleet-related administrative, safety, and compliance services to its clients. Based in New Jersey, Atlantic Investigations is comprised of retired Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) law enforcement officers, including former municipal police and state troopers.

Drive Logistics' founder Michael O’Leary is very optimistic about the partnership.

“We chose to work with Atlantic Investigations because of their longstanding track record of excellence and to provide our truckers with the resources to be safe on the road,” O’Leary said.

Safety First written on rural roadPassing roadside inspections is critical to the success of Drive Logistics’ truckers. Less than satisfactory inspections can lead to disciplinary action that can cause truckers to lose their CDL license. 

Drive Logistics retains full-time staff with expertise in safety and DOT compliance to keep our truckers up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes that impact them.

Compliance Specialist Danny Meyers leads our safety initiative and is a retired DOT officer with over 20 years experience in the trucking industry. Meyers is accessible to our truckers to assist them in preparing for roadside inspections and providing candid expert advice on safety and compliance issues.

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Atlantic Investigations is owned by Greg Crescenzo and he has 25 years of law enforcement experience in the traffic safety unit, specializing in recreating commercial truck accidents and commercial vehicle roadside inspections.

“Drive Logistics partnered with our company to help make them the premier trucking services company and safety is top priority on their list,” Greg said. “With Atlantic Investigations, every one of Drive’s owner operators have access to us and our 100 years of combined experience in our firm.”

Atlantic Investigations, LLC.
583 13th Street, Suite 101
Hammonton, NJ 08037
Phone: 609-270-7821

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