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We recognize the importance of reinvesting in the community that has helped us grow while nurturing our relationships with the people and businesses that we live and work with.

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Founded in 2016, Drive Logistics is an asset-based trucking company that provides business support services to trucker owner operators.

At Drive Logistics we are dedicated to putting our Truckers first, and the launch of myDrive 2.0 mobile app is the next step in our mission.

The Drive Difference is the company's mission to elevate exceptional truckers to become better businesspeople and entrepreneurs. The Drive...

Drive Logistics put its own spin on the traditional role of trucking dispatcher with the fleet consultant position. With a limited number of...

Drive Logistics officially announced the local organization awarded its first-ever corporate donation.

The Jacksonville Business Journal's top 50 fastest-growing private companies are determined by analyzing verified financial figures for 2018, 2019...